+15 Charming Black Women Makeup Looks

Let's face it: finding makeup for black skin is still not as easy as it should be. Whether you're shopping in a drugstore or a department store, it seems huge brands like Boots, Dior or Lancome fail to cater to the diversity in the black skin tone. And yes, black skin IS different!

Why Black Skin Is Different
When it comes to finding vegan makeup brands for black skin as opposed to white, there's one obvious difference: the colour of the products! I'm sure you know that it's beyond difficult to find natural & vegan makeup hues that suit our skin tones.

I've been working on this article for ages. It was delayed again and again, mainly because some of the brands I found that did match my skin were too chemical, or not vegan friendly.

But when it comes to skincare and beauty, black skin is different for reasons beyond colour.

Black skin is a result of the production of eumelanin, which is dark brown to black in colour. White skin is a result of the production of pheomelanin, which is red to yellow in color.

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